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OptaFleet System Overview

A modular brand independent system developed to meet with the stringent demands of industrial environments that helps to ensure safety on the workfloor, provide real-time management information and reduce the total cost of ownership of industrial vehicle fleets. 

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OptaFleet Key Components

The vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU) including some peripherals, to control the programmed functions and to store the required data.
The OptaFleet software stores all collected data in a database and gives access to this data for all authorized users.
In the development of the OptaFleet system we took the harshest industrial environments into account. The hardware components were designed to cope with high temperatures, dust and even steam cleaning.

OptaFleet Vehicle ECU

Impact sensor

Key Reader


Card Reader


OptaFleet Web Application

Manage Your Fleet Anywhere & Anytime

Via secured login the web application allows for a real time insight in vehicles and drivers. The system language is automatically set to your choice.

The general dashboard page provides a quick overview of the actual status of vehicles, drivers and events. Alerts and reminders are shown in colors and by clicking on them you will zoom in and get detailed information about the event.

Examples of events:

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